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There is a huge market for supra skytop shoes due to it being a popular American sport

 The athletic supra shoes footwear industry is subject to rapid changes in consumer preferences. Consumer demand for athletic footwear and apparel is heavily influenced by brand image. Our initiatives to strengthen our brand image, which include conducting market research, introducing new and innovative products and initiating focused advertising campaigns, may not be successful. Our current products may not continue to be popular and new products we introduce may not achieve adequate consumer acceptance for us to recover development, manufacturing, marketing and other costs. Our failure to anticipate, identify and react to shifts in consumer preferences and maintain a strong brand image could have an adverse effect on our sales and results of operations. 

Also, if our customers purchase our supra tk socity and do not have success in selling our products at retail, they may request a price adjustment or return to assist them in marking down the selling price to make the products more attractive to retail consumers. Basketball shoes are an important part of the game as it provides players with the protection in this grueling game. One popular male basketball shoes manufacturer is Adidas. Male Adidas basketball shoes are popular on court and off court. Other than providing an extra bounce on court, it is also a fashion symbol.
There is a huge market for supra skytop shoes due to it being a popular American sport, therefore Adidas continues to come up with innovative models to stay ahead of competition. It uses 2 technologies: Torsion and A3 to make the shoes. 



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